Top 10 Funny Costume Ideas

Are you an attention whore? Do you love Halloween but aren’t sure what costume to don this year? Are you that person who always has to wear the “best” or most shocking costume to the party, but are running out of ideas? Last year’s cheerleader outfit just won’t suffice because everyone will remember and you’ll be the laughing stock of the party for wearing the same thing again?

“Oh, God, Walnuts, what should I do?!”

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are my top 10 funny costume ideas for 2010. Wear one of these, and people might be tricked into thinking you’re cool again.

10. Cockroach

Nothing’s more horrific than a big bug that won’t die. Nothing’s funnier than a douchebag going as himself for Halloween. Why not mix the two?


9. Bologna

Wear this one if you’re a meatbag.


8. Beer Pong

Beer pong’s all the rage these days. Be a conformist. Let guys toss their balls at you.


7. Hot dog

Everyone knows you’re a wiener. Might as well go as one.


6. Zombie

Okay, I know, it’s not very original. But you’re about as witty as the undead, so just roll with it.


5. Frankenberry

Remember the 80s? Remember when Count Chocula had friends? Remember when you had friends? Get them back with this masterpiece!


4. Giant boob

I wonder how many purple nurples you’ll get. If you move that nurple down a little, it won’t be such a bad thing.


3. Lumberjack Woodpecker

Chicks will love it. Men will envy you. And everyone will know you’re really packing a 3-incher.

2. Banana flasher

Remember all those times you wanted to show chicks your banana? Well, wear this, and they won’t call you creepy…or maybe they will. But at least they can’t see your face!


1. Grimace

Dominate. Become the coolest m-fer around. Be remembered. Be legendary. Nothing can stop the Grimace.

– P. Walnuts


One comment on “Top 10 Funny Costume Ideas

  1. Wliiam says:

    lol i love banana flasher

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